OUR XPACE HOUSING DREAMS OF TOMORROW More than just the headquarters of the X-Inc group of companies, this is the base from which it works towards its dream of a bigger, better and more vibrant food industry.


X-Inc moved into its Pandan Loop headquarters at XPACE, effectively consolidating its warehouses and teams in one location.

Housing all 4 business entities under one roof, X-Inc is able to reap the benefits of what XPACE has to offer – Innovation and Collaboration. With plenty of areas for brainstorming and discussions, teams are able to make full use of the co-working spaces to form deeper connections and harness the power of community to drive positive change.

At the second storey is The Xhowroom, a space dedicated to showcasing the past, present and future of X-Inc. Always staying true to its roots, the showroom serves as a vivid reminder of how far the company has come and the difference it has made in the food industry. 

With many more years to look forward to, the building itself is the culmination of its dream to leave a legacy and to continue to transform the food ecosystem – from foodservice and retail to logistics and property.