FOODXERVICES INC SERVING DREAMS Ranked among Singapore’s top foodservice companies, we have survived 80 years in the F&B industry simply because we spare no effort to get the job done for our customers. We deliver the widest range of products, with the best services at heart. >

As the go-to partner for many brands and vendors who are looking to market their products, our ecommerce platform ( lists many of our popular products from basic cooking ingredients to cleaning chemicals.

From cooking up recipes, to providing concierge services to sourcing for unique products, the key to our success is that we pay attention to even the tiniest details.

No matter how our business and facade have evolved, we are still guided by our motto to put a thought into everything we do for our customers, partners and team.


What we do best is to step into the shoes of our customers, walk a mile in them and come up with solutions to solve the pain points of their business.


We help to streamline your procurement process, increase efficiency and tap on our economies of scales. From international and local sourcing, to consolidated procurement from existing and new vendors, we function like an extension of your procurement team.


We partner with digital procurement platforms to give you additional convenience and accuracy when placing orders. This increases your efficiency as you can track your orders, and at the same time allowing greater visibility of purchases to the management.


We accept payment via credit card, and are also in the midst of exploring cryptocurrency acceptance. Better credit terms can also be extended to customers who are eligible.*

*To be assessed by management on a case-by-case basis