FoodXervices Inc brings world’s 4th Chocolate to Singapore through The Rubylicious Adventure

FoodXervices Inc brings world’s 4th Chocolate to Singapore through The Rubylicious Adventure

Singapore – April 10, 2019 –FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd (, a leading foodservice distributor, today announces the launch of Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate ruby RB1 in Singapore. Example text

Dubbed as the world’s 4th chocolate after dark, milk and white, ruby is the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. Ruby RB1 delivers a sparkling fruitiness with fresh, sour notes–a result of meticulous selection and expert crafting of ruby cocoa beans. The colour and taste are naturally present in the ruby cocoa bean –no fruit flavouring or colourant isa dded.

To celebrate ruby, FoodXervices Inc is organising The Rubylicious Adventure, a specially curated experience to uncover the hidden pleasures of the 4th chocolate. Imagine crispy chicken skin coated with ruby chocolate, ruby chocolate folded with foie gras parfait and not forgetting a ruby infused cocktail. Tickets are on sale to taste the eight Rubylicious creations!

1. Ruby Red Velvet: Classic red velvet cupcake with a sparkling ruby makeover Lamb Cupcakery,

Marina Bay Link Mall

2. Rubi: Ruby chocolate infused, sake-based cocktail paired with a light ruby chocolate mousse dessert

Neon Pigeon, Keong Saik Road

3. Rubyrazz: A marriage of raspberry ruby mousse and a tangy yuzu curd

Patisserie G, Millenia Walk

4. Bashful (right): Ruby chocolate in its purest form to celebrate Easter

Patisserie G, Millenia Walk

5. Ruby Foie Gras Parfait on Herb Waffle: Ruby chocolate infused duck liver parfait on kale and chive waffle

Plentyfull, Millenia Walk

6. Rubykawa: Ruby chocolate and raspberry coated crispy chicken skin tempura

Tanuki Raw at kapok, Middle Road

7. Pastel Gems:Precious chocolate jewels in three flavours, all using ruby chocolate

The Dark Gallery, Takashimaya

8. Ruby Art:Dark chocolate ice creamc overed with ruby

The Dark Gallery, Takashimaya

From April 15 to May 24, 2019, purchase your tickets for The Rubylicious Adventure at Prices (inclusive of GST) are S$120 for one ticket, S$220 for two tickets and S$400 for four tickets.

Each ticket can be redeemed for eight Rubylicious creations at the above participating outlets. Redemption period is from April 18 to May 31, 2019.

“It’s not everyday that the world gets a brand new chocolate. We would like to celebrate this by taking consumers on a sensory adventure to experience the 4th chocolate in the world,” said Nichol Ng, Managing Director of FoodXervices Inc.

“Not only is The Rubylicious Adventure for adoring chocolate aficionados, it is also FoodXervices Inc’s way of making a splash into the chocolate market which is usually dominated by big pastry players,” she added.

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